Ordered today, deliv­ered tomor­row: expec­ta­tions of the ful­fill­ment ser­vice of e-com­merce com­pa­nies are high – with upward ten­dency.


The demands placed on e-com­merce com­pa­nies are increas­ing rapidly. Con­tin­u­ous high growth, ever faster deliv­ery speeds and enor­mous peaks in demand require automa­tion solu­tions in logis­tics. So far, how­ever, con­ven­tional sys­tems have mainly been used in ware­houses that are unable to meet these chal­lenges flex­i­bly and eco­nom­i­cally.

Skilled work­ers

The num­ber of new qual­i­fied employ­ees in logis­tics is low and wages are ris­ing – find­ing new skilled work­ers is dif­fi­cult and expen­sive. High demands, such as non-ergonomic work and flex­i­ble work­ing time mod­els, make the search even more dif­fi­cult.


The Mon­day peak in online trad­ing and tra­di­tional sea­sonal peaks present logis­tics with major chal­lenges. In addi­tion there are mar­ket­ing-dri­ven, increas­ingly extreme action days such as “Black Fri­day” and “Cyber Mon­day”, which are a stress test for logis­tics and per­son­nel plan­ning.


Online trad­ing is grow­ing every year. This influ­ences the sta­tion­ary trade: cus­tomers want a com­pa­ra­bly large selec­tion and net­worked sales chan­nels. As a result, lot sizes are becom­ing smaller and smaller. How­ever, the costs for this have been dif­fi­cult to scale and cal­cu­late so far.


Advanced Robot­ics solu­tions are the ideal answer to the chal­lenges of fash­ion logis­tics. The advan­tages at a glance:


To store heavy and large boxes at the top or bot­tom of a shelf rack: HAKO takes care of this eas­ily and thus effec­tively relieves the employ­ees of stren­u­ous, uner­gonomic work.


Mag­a­zino robots also work at night and on week­ends — com­pletely autonomously. This enables them to process numer­ous orders before the shift begins and effec­tively rec­tify order peaks such as on Mon­days.


The replen­ish­ment process can be com­pletely auto­mated. Man­ual inter­me­di­ate steps are not required: HAKO auto­mat­i­cally picks up full mas­ter car­tons, trans­ports them to the tar­get stor­age loca­tion in the shelf and stores them there.