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The Indus­try 4.0 – buzz­word, promise and chal­lenge. An intel­li­gent mate­r­ial flow in pro­duc­tion sup­ply is a deci­sive step in this direction.


Sup­ply chain man­age­ment in pro­duc­tion has so far been car­ried out almost exclu­sively man­u­ally. Employ­ees are exposed to high loads, on aver­age they have to move loads of up to four tons per shift. The change to Indus­try 4.0 requires a fun­da­men­tal rethink here: adap­ta­tion to increas­ing vari­ance in pro­duc­tion and thus more flex­i­bil­ity and automa­tion in replenishment.

Prod­uct variance

No two cars are the same any­more, the trend is towards cus­tomer-spe­cific mass pro­duc­tion. As a result, the demand for mate­ri­als is becom­ing ever more dynamic – clas­sic, sta­tic sup­ply chain man­age­ment con­sumes too many resources.

Cost effi­ciency

The cost pres­sure in pro­duc­tion is high. Man­ual replen­ish­ment via pick carts or tug­ger trains is expen­sive, inflex­i­ble and requires a lot of space. If no sen­si­ble, effi­cient ways of sav­ing costs are found, mar­gins con­tinue to decline.

Skilled work­ers

Due to demo­graphic change and chal­leng­ing work­ing con­di­tions, qual­i­fied employ­ees for replen­ish­ment in pro­duc­tion are increas­ingly dif­fi­cult to find and demand high salaries. Heavy bur­dens such as non-ergonomic work and shift work make the search even more difficult.


Advanced Robot­ics is the solu­tion for the chal­lenges in pro­duc­tion. The advan­tages at a glance:

Flex­i­ble handling

Our autonomous robots enable flex­i­ble han­dling of totes of dif­fer­ent sizes. SOTO can reach from dif­fer­ent heights and be adapted to spe­cific han­dover systems.

Process opti­mi­sa­tion

The use of Mag­a­zino robots sig­nif­i­cantly opti­mizes logis­ti­cal processes in pro­duc­tion sup­ply: inflex­i­ble and space-inten­sive sup­ply processes are opti­mized, wage and process costs are reduced.


SOTO can lift and trans­port heavy loads from dif­fer­ent heights and dis­tances. This relieves employ­ees of uner­gonomic activ­i­ties and replen­ish­ment is faster and more effective.