A mobile robot that pro­vides replen­ish­ment: HAKO deliv­ers boxes exactly where they are needed.


HAKO stores mas­ter car­tons inde­pen­dently in the right shelf rack. The human col­league no longer has to lift heavy boxes, but can con­cen­trate on pick­ing.



HAKO is ready at any time: before the start of a shift, overnight or in par­al­lel to ongo­ing order pick­ing. This ensures opti­mum capac­ity util­i­sa­tion and reduced per­son­nel costs.


Long dis­tances, heavy objects, shelves high up or low down: HAKO han­dles extremes and thus effec­tively relieves its human col­leagues of stren­u­ous, uner­gonomic work.


HAKO is an intel­li­gent, mobile sup­ply chain robot that oper­ates autonomously in the ware­house envi­ron­ment. It per­forms its tasks flex­i­bly, effi­ciently and pre­cisely tai­lored to the employ­ees and processes of the sup­ply chain.


HAKO can relieve loads in the truest sense of the phrase. It han­dles heavy boxes autonomously – even at the low­est and high­est lev­els of the shelf rack. Its set-up of intel­li­gent soft­ware and pre­cise, resilient mechan­ics make it a new hero in any ware­house. These are its most impor­tant tech­no­log­i­cal fea­tures:

Perception through 2D and 3D cameras

HAKO sees its environment with 2D and 3D cameras. In this way it can also locate target objects. After gripping a box, its laser scanner scans the barcode and ensures, for example, that the shelf space is not occupied and that the box fits into the space.


Boxes up to 15 kg

HAKO specialises in master cartons for the fashion industry, with a maximum size of 600 x 400 x 400 mm (L x W x H). With its gripper, it can handle boxes weighing up to 15 kg, e.g. pick them up from a conveyor line and place them down on the designated shelf space.

High transport capacity

HAKO can store up to 18 objects simultaneously in its backpack – depending on the dimensions. The objects carried can have a total weight of up to 80 kg.


From the bottom to the top shelf

With its telescoping gripper, HAKO can handle a lowest shelf height of 5 cm as well as objects at a height of 250 cm. This means that in many cases, an additional level of shelving becomes accessible.

Safe navigation

HAKO moves with up to 2 m/s through the warehouse. 3D cameras and certified laser scanners at the front and rear allow it to navigate freely and safely alongside people. If an obstacle is detected, HAKO reacts automatically by reducing its speed, stopping if necessary, driving around the obstacle or immediately choosing an alternate route.


Transfer systems

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

The con­veyor belt pro­vides an inter­face between HAKO and exist­ing automa­tion infra­struc­ture.

Shelf rack

Shelf rack

HAKO stores the mas­ter car­tons on the shelf rack. After­wards the man­ual pick­ing from the box takes place.