Magazino's First Warehouse


28th-30th April 2017

Info Robo-Battle grau

What's coming

In detail you’ll work with cool hardware to awaken robots yourself in order to solve problems in our especially designed mixed reality warehouse arena. At the battle the teams will send their autonomous robots to fight against each other in the arena. Winner is the team whose robot could solve most problems.

Hardware / Software facts

The robot’s brain is a RPi3 running Ubuntu 16.04, with an Arduino as interface to the motors and sensors. The communication to the autonomous robots will run on ROS so that you should bring a Laptop running Linux. Every component can be reprogrammed and we will provide code and examples so if you don’t have experience with one of the components yet, we will get you started.

Relax Area in Münchens Robotik Startup

Meet Magazino

Everyday the team of magazino is working hard on our warehouse robots. At Magazino’s first Robo-Warehouse Battle you’re able to get a look behind the scene. And last but not least you’ll be able to get to know Europes’ biggest Advanced-Robotic team.

Food & Fun

Besides the ability to work on up-to-date hardware in a loft office close to munichs’ city center, we’re looking forward to having a lot of fun. There will be enough food, drinks and nerfguns to enjoy yourself.


Please apply until April 9th 2017 here or by sending an email to with your CV, github profile etc. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

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Senior Expert Computer Vision

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