Higher, faster, fur­ther – the require­ments for com­pet­i­tive logis­tics in e‑commerce are chang­ing mas­sively, espe­cially for shoes.


Until now, there was no flex­i­ble and eco­nom­i­cal automa­tion solu­tion for the order pick­ing of shoes in logis­tics. Con­ven­tional goods-to-man solu­tions require enor­mous plan­ning effort and a high invest­ment vol­ume. They are rigid, take up a lot of space and are dif­fi­cult to scale.

White paper

How will ful­fill­ment look like in 2025? Down­load our white paper “Ful­fill­ment Automa­tion 2025” and learn, what more than 40 experts from the e‑commerce and ful­fill­ment indus­try expect. 

Skilled work­ers

High return rates and small lot sizes in online trad­ing require a large num­ber of employ­ees in the ware­house. High demands, such as non-ergonomic work­ing and flex­i­ble work­ing time mod­els, as well as demo­graphic change, make it dif­fi­cult to find the right people.

Assort­ment width

In today’s online trade, cus­tomers expect the widest pos­si­ble selec­tion of prod­ucts. The result­ing range of arti­cles increases the com­plex­ity in the ware­house: the result is longer dis­tances and higher search effort.


The Mon­day peak in online trad­ing and tra­di­tional sea­sonal peaks present logis­tics with major chal­lenges. In addi­tion there are mar­ket­ing-dri­ven, increas­ingly extreme action days such as “Black Fri­day” and “Cyber Mon­day”, which are a stress test for logis­tics and per­son­nel planning.


Advanced Robot­ics solu­tions offer clear advan­tages in meet­ing the chal­lenges of the footwear industry.

Reduced costs

With the use of Mag­a­zino robots, the oper­at­ing hours in the ware­house are sig­nif­i­cantly extended: this leads to a reduc­tion in pick­ing costs of up to 35 %.

Easy inte­gra­tion

Mag­a­zino robots can be inte­grated quickly and smoothly into exist­ing ware­houses and adapt to the con­di­tions there, such as the exist­ing shelves.


Mag­a­zino robots can work safely along­side humans. For exam­ple, TORU can take over the pick­ing of shoes while peo­ple pick fash­ion items in the same ware­house area.