Even automation needs attention every now and then. With our qualified system integrators, we deliver solutions. Quickly and throughout Europe.


Thanks to our proven part­ner net­work, we find a way when there are chal­lenges on site. Just like our robots.

Our ser­vice part­ners offer com­pe­tent sup­port and short response times. Together with cus­tomers, part­ners and logis­tics experts, Mag­a­zino has devel­oped a ser­vice pro­gram that meets the lat­est tech­ni­cal and didac­tic stan­dards. This ensures that our local part­ners can always offer the ser­vice that your intral­o­gis­tics require.

First Level

First-level sup­port is avail­able by tele­phone to help users with sim­ple faults or prob­lems in the process. You can reach them at any time if you need support.

Sec­ond Level

Our cer­ti­fied ser­vice part­ners are at your dis­posal to ensure that their automa­tion sys­tems are back up and run­ning as quickly as possible.

Third Level

It is reas­sur­ing to know that Mag­a­zino also offers 3rd level sup­port in addi­tion to on-site ser­vice in case of emer­gency. We will solve the prob­lem here at the lat­est. Promised.