Smart log­is­tics for auto­motive pro­duc­tion

Mate­r­ial flow automa­tion with intel­li­gent line feed­ing for indus­trial production.

In the auto­mo­tive indus­try, pro­duc­tion logis­tics must meet the high­est require­ments to ensure smooth production.

Opti­mal logis­tics processes are an essen­tial suc­cess fac­tor in pro­duc­tion. Intel­li­gent plan­ning and con­trol of mate­r­ial flows as well as the use of automa­tion solu­tions through intel­li­gent robots enable high effi­ciency and flexibility.

As the only solu­tion on the mar­ket, the autonomous KLT robot SOTO offers the pos­si­bil­ity of opti­mally pro­vid­ing mate­r­ial with dif­fer­ent heights and rota­tions. In doing so, SOTO inter­acts with exist­ing AGVs and man­ual vehi­cles, reduces the error rate in pre­vi­ous man­ual han­dling and offers full trans­parency in terms of inven­tory and track­ing at all times. Even after the con­ver­sion of the pro­duc­tion line.

High labor costs

Process opti­miza­tion and invest­ments in automa­tion con­tinue to be the answers to ris­ing labor costs. This will ensure the company’s prof­itabil­ity in the future.

Skills short­age

Demo­graphic change is exac­er­bat­ing the short­age of skilled work­ers. Pro­duc­tion processes that require a wide range of skills and qual­i­fi­ca­tions are par­tic­u­larly affected.


In shift work, the phys­i­cal stresses quickly add up. This is an essen­tial fac­tor for employee sat­is­fac­tion. Mate­r­ial automa­tion par­al­lel to humans offers a solu­tion here.

An intel­li­gent mate­r­ial flow up to the assem­bly line is a deci­sive step towards logis­tics automation.


The KLT robot for intel­li­gent mate­r­ial flow

Production Logistics

Expe­ri­ence sta­ble processes and flex­i­ble benefits.


Highest industry standards for production environments of our hardware and software components ensure the reliability of the processes.

Avail­abil­ity of the system


Running intralogistics costs can be reduced by an average of 60 % through intelligent automation. In 24/7 operation, even more.

Cost Sav­ings


We close the gap between automated warehouses and automated production lines. Independent of manual labour.

End-to-end Automa­tion
Individual solutions for new logistics processes.


The first step is to find out whether our robots are suit­able for automat­ing your pro­duc­tion logistics.


How should the robot be inte­grated into the cus­tomer process? What hur­dles are there, what adjust­ments need to be made? Together we work out the solution. 


After detailed plan­ning, the inte­gra­tion takes place on site. Here, final adjust­ments are made to the real envi­ron­ment so that robots and processes run easily.


Once set up, the robot fleet can be expanded into the exist­ing processes and IT, in a flex­i­ble way, accord­ing to demand and achiev­ing econ­omy of scale.