A mobile robot that revs up indus­trial pro­duc­tion: SOTO enables effi­cient auto­mated line feed­ing, for exam­ple in the auto­mo­tive indus­try.


Wel­come to Fac­tory 4.0: the sup­ply chain robot SOTO brings mate­ri­als to the assem­bly line, just-in-time and com­pletely autonomous.



SOTO helps to keep inven­tory lev­els low and deliv­ers replen­ish­ment exactly when it is needed. It works up to 18 hours per day – for processes that are not only more effi­cient but also sig­nif­i­cantly cheaper.


The intel­li­gent robot SOTO inte­grates seam­lessly into the Fac­tory 4.0. It can be flex­i­bly con­fig­ured, relieves the employ­ees and works safely and effi­ciently along­side machines, vehi­cles and peo­ple – for opti­mum pro­duc­tion plan­ning.


Pro­duc­tion logis­tics becomes smart: with sen­sors, 3D cam­eras and the intel­li­gent ACROS oper­at­ing sys­tem, SOTO can per­ceive its envi­ron­ment, react intel­li­gently to changes and even learn from expe­ri­ence.


The autonomous sup­ply chain robot SOTO is ideal for indus­trial and pro­duc­tion processes. Thanks to its intel­li­gent soft­ware, it can react flex­i­bly to chang­ing require­ments, com­pletely replace pick carts and tug­ger trains, or inter­act use­fully with them. It deals with an increas­ing num­ber of prod­ucts using a clever grip­per sys­tem that can han­dle dif­fer­ent totes in dif­fer­ent posi­tions and heights. These are its most impor­tant tech­no­log­i­cal fea­tures at a glance:

Perception using 2D and 3D cameras

SOTO uses 3D  cameras to locate and identify totes. Its 3D camera locates the object, while the 2D camera scans barcodes and identifies the correct tote.

Totes up to 15 kg

SOTO can grip classic totes with a weight of up to 15 kg and a maximum size of 600 x 400 x 300 mm (L x W x H). It can pull the individual transport boxes from flat surfaces or conveyor belts, as well as from more complex positions such as flow racks.

High transport capacity

Depending on their size, SOTO can store up to 10 totes in its backpack at one time. It transports loads with a total weight of up to 150 kg.

Action range from 5 cm to 250 cm

With its telescoping gripper, SOTO can handle both full and empty totes at a height of up to 250 cm. It can even reach totes that were previously inaccessible to human workers.

Safe navigation

Certified laser scanner scanners at the front and rear allow SOTO to navigate freely at speeds of up to 1.5 m/s. They also guarantee safe operation around people and vehicles. Depending on how close an obstacle comes, SOTO reduces its speed to a stop or searches for an alternate route.

Transfer systems

Flow rack

Flow rack

SOTO places totes into the flow rack from one side, a per­son removes them from the other side.

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

The con­veyor belt acts as an inter­face between SOTO and exist­ing automa­tion infra­struc­ture.

Tugger train

Tugger train

SOTO can load or unload tug­ger trains to allow effi­cient mate­r­ial flow.

Shelf rack

Shelf rack

SOTO can take totes out of shelf racks, or place them in, allow­ing peo­ple to take over.