A mobile robot that inter­acts with its envi­ron­ment: TORU can inde­pen­dently store and retrieve small boxes in shelf racks.

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Shoe boxes are its spe­cialty: the intel­li­gent TORU pick­ing robot can han­dle indi­vid­ual boxes and can trans­port a back­pack full of them directly to a han­dover sta­tion. In case of stor­age or returns? Back they go.



TORU han­dles small batch sizes and returns with ease: it works autonomously and effi­ciently up to 18 hours a day. This means that it can be active out­side reg­u­lar shift times and help smooth peaks, for exam­ple, through prepara­tory work. 


TORU inte­grates eas­ily into exist­ing ware­houses and processes. Once configured, it works autonomously along­side its human col­leagues. With WiFi, it con­nects seam­lessly to the ware­house man­age­ment system. 


Through sen­sors, cam­eras and the intel­li­gent oper­at­ing sys­tem ACROS, TORU can per­ceive its envi­ron­ment, react inde­pen­dently to changes and even learn from experience.


TORU can be prof­itably inte­grated into many processes – such as stor­age, pick­ing, relo­ca­tion and con­sol­i­da­tion of the ware­house. From nav­i­ga­tion through to the trans­fer of objects picked with pin­point accu­racy, it car­ries out trans­port orders autonomously. Thanks to its capa­bil­i­ties and intel­li­gent soft­ware, it can be eas­ily and quickly con­fig­ured and flex­i­bly adapted to new structures. 

Perception through 2D and 3D cameras

TORU sees its environment with 2D and 3D cameras. It locates objects to be picked and free storage spaces on the shelf. Using intelligent algorithms, TORU searches for barcodes to confirm it's found the right object.

Precise picking

TORU has a precise vacuum gripper. It can pick up, lift and deposit boxes weighing up to 5.8 kg, with a maximum size of 390 x 280 x 145 mm (L x W x H). Thanks to its push back unit, TORU can also pull entire stacks from the shelf and push back unneeded boxes.

High transport capacity

TORU can carry up to 16 objects simultaneously in its backpack. The shelves in its backpack rotate, allowing TORU to store objects two per shelf, side by side.

From the bottom to the top shelf

With its telescoping tower, TORU can effortlessly grab or place objects from the bottom to the top of shelves. With an operating range from 8 cm to 250 cm above the ground, TORU has superhuman reach –without any back pain.

Safe navigation

Certified laser scanners at the front and rear allow TORU to navigate freely in the warehouse and guarantee safe operation alongside people. If its laser scanners or 3D cameras detect an obstacle during navigation, TORU reacts automatically by reducing its speed, stopping if necessary, driving around the obstacle or choosing an alternate route.

Transfer systems

Shelf rack

Shelf rack

TORU places small boxes onto shelf racks or retrieves them, as requested.

Pick cart

Pick cart

Boxes can also be picked up from or placed on pick carts. 

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

The con­veyor belt pro­vides an inter­face between TORU and exist­ing automa­tion infrastructure.