CeMAT 2018: intel­li­gent robots for fash­ion and pro­duc­tion logistics

Press releases

2. March 2018


CeMAT 2018 | Robotic Startup Mag­a­zino presents the newly devel­oped robot SOTO at the CeMAT 2018 logis­tics trade fair. Using 3D cam­era tech­nol­ogy, the mobile robot can grip objects such as car­tons or small load car­ri­ers (SLC) com­pletely autonomously from dif­fer­ent heights, tem­porar­ily store them on the vehi­cle, nav­i­gate to the des­ti­na­tion and place them there with mil­lime­tre pre­ci­sion. This makes SOTO the first per­cep­tion-con­trolled robot in the world to com­bine this spec­trum of capa­bil­i­ties in a sin­gle solu­tion. The intel­li­gent robot is pri­mar­ily used in dis­tri­b­u­tion cen­ters for fash­ion logis­tics. A fur­ther field of appli­ca­tion is the replen­ish­ment of SLC in pro­duc­tion logis­tics. SOTO can be viewed from 23 to 27 April at the Mag­a­zino GmbH stand in hall 21, stand G42.

The ben­e­fit for the cus­tomer: Many man­ual work processes in intral­o­gis­tics that were pre­vi­ously too com­plex can now be auto­mated flex­i­bly and scal­ably for the first time. This results in extended oper­at­ing times, smooth­ing of order peaks and a reduc­tion in oper­at­ing and process costs. Above all, SOTO makes it pos­si­ble to relieve employ­ees of ergonom­i­cally unfavourable tasks. Sort­ing car­tons full of tex­tiles weigh­ing 15 kilo­grams into shelv­ing racks — a stren­u­ous task for the employ­ees in the long run, espe­cially when it comes to the low­est or top shelf level. For the robot, on the other hand, this is no prob­lem even in con­tin­u­ous operation.


SOTO can han­dle objects up to a size of 600 x 400 x 400 mil­lime­ters with its adap­tive grip­per. Depend­ing on the size, up to eight car­tons or SLCs can be tem­porar­ily stored in an inte­grated shelf. The lift­ing device allows objects to be picked up and deliv­ered from both sides at grip­ping heights of 5 cm to 246 cm. Cer­ti­fied laser scan­ners enable not only autonomous nav­i­ga­tion, but also safe oper­a­tion par­al­lel to employ­ees. Net­worked via a cloud, SOTO exchanges cur­rent maps and expe­ri­ences with cer­tain sit­u­a­tions with other robots. This enables them to learn from each other and thus con­stantly improve.

In addi­tion to the new SOTO robot, Mag­a­zino will also be exhibit­ing other inno­va­tions at its stand: A new, com­pletely revised ver­sion of the pick­ing robot TORU will be on dis­play. It is char­ac­terised by a higher travel speed, a larger capac­ity for inter­me­di­ate stor­age of objects and a larger reach of the grip­per arm. The new abil­ity to reach up to a height of 245 cm makes it pos­si­ble to oper­ate a com­plete addi­tional con­trol level. This means a mas­sive increase in capac­ity for the warehouse.


Mag­a­zino devel­ops and builds per­cep­tion-con­trolled, mobile robots. As the largest Advanced Robot­ics team in Europe, we rev­o­lu­tion­ize the world of intral­o­gis­tics together with our customers.