Advanced in Robotics

Intel­li­gence. Nat­ural and Arti­fi­cial.

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We are rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing robot­ics – with intel­li­gent robots that look into the world, make their own deci­sions and become bet­ter and bet­ter.


We are Magazino, a robotics company from Munich. We develop and build robots that work together with people – autonomously, safely and at a level of complexity that nobody before us has reached.

This enables us to offer solutions for processes that could not previously be automated and to create intralogistics that are more flexible and efficient than ever before.

Picking the challenge.


The Magazino Management Board – Lukas Zanger (COO), Frederik Brantner (CEO), Dr. Moritz Tenorth (CTO)

Lukas Zanger


Frederik Brantner


Dr. Moritz Tenorth


We are the largest Advanced Robot­ics team in Europe.

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VDI Innovationspreis Logistik 2017

VDI Innovationspreis Logistik 2017

Handling Award

Handling Award

Beste product – LogiMAT 2018

Beste product – LogiMAT 2018

The Spark – the German Digital Prize

The Spark – the German Digital Prize