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Intel­li­gent and mobile automa­tion tech­nol­ogy for ware­hous­ing and intralogistics


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Advanced Robotics

Autonomous and flexible

Conventional automated guided vehicles require a modified operating environment or specification of fixed routes – for example by optical guidelines or ground marks. With increasing demands on modern warehouses and intralogistics, the desire for flexible solutions and free navigation in changing environments is also growing.

An increasing volume of goods with comprehensive returns management, closely timed delivery processes, ever shorter processing times and a complex warehouse environment call for automated guided vehicles that operate autonomously. Our intelligent robots quickly find their way around any environment, make decisions independently, are capable of learning and work reliably and safely with people.


Our robots are per­cep­tion-con­trolled: they per­ceive their envi­ron­ment, inter­pret it and adapt their actions accordingly.


The robot fleet is locally net­worked and con­nected via an inter­face to the mer­chan­dise man­age­ment sys­tem of our cus­tomers. In this way, they receive their orders and learn continuously.


Our robotic solu­tion can be flex­i­bly adapted to chang­ing con­di­tions or increas­ing require­ments – for exam­ple by increas­ing the size of the robot fleet or extend­ing its field of application.


Remote sup­port

Solving problems together


The robots of the future need a brain.

Artificial Coworking

Man and machine

People develop and build machines to make their lives easier – logistics in particular benefits from this. Handling heavy objects at floor level, or high up on shelves, puts strain on the human body, order peaks create time pressure and a shortage of skilled workers leads to bottlenecks.

Self-learning picking robots relieve their human colleagues. Thanks to new automation technology, they can work alongside humans. Flexible route planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance and network communication enable the robot to carry out storage and retrieval orders independently. This means that the robot can continue to work long after human workers have finished their shifts.


ARC – Everything under control

Our operating system ACROS (Advanced Cooperative Robot Operating System) is the brain of our intelligent robots. They are connected via Wifi to a local cloud, which in turn is networked with the respective warehouse management system. In this way, the robots can receive their orders, confirm their execution and receive software or environment updates.

In conjunction with the App ARC (ACROS Robot Control), the monitoring of the individual robots or the entire fleet takes place. The warehouse or production manager can follow the paths and actions of his robots on a intuitive user interface. This enables him to obtain a quick overview of orders that have already been completed, current orders and upcoming orders at any time.


From order to delivery

Our robots can pick com­pletely autonomously. Con­nected to the ware­house man­age­ment sys­tem, they receive their pick orders via Wifi. They inde­pen­dently nav­i­gate to the appro­pri­ate shelf, iden­tify and local­ize the right object with cam­eras and other sen­sors, grab it, store it onboard and trans­port it to the ship­ping area.

The workflow of an autonomous Magazino robot: order, navigation, perception and grasping, transport, navigation, put down
The workflow of an autonomous Magazino robot: order, navigation
The workflow of an autonomous Magazino robot: perception and grasping, transport
The workflow of an autonomous Magazino robot: navigation, put down

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e-commerce fulfillment